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Rules and Regulations for the CyberTronArmy

1) There is no double clanning in AmericasArmy,CounterStrike,BF2,DoD,or TFC! If your part of a group with other friends which play another game,exceptions may be made.  Ask FIRST if there is any doubt.

2) There are to be no derogatory remarks made towards any clan member,respect is one of the key elements to this clan. You should respect other players as well in any SERVER,FORUMS,CHAT etc etc.

3) Any members who have problems with other CYBA members should bring this trouble to a General if you can not work it out yourself.A person will be appointed to "mediate" a discussion to help resolve or control the problem.The mediator is NOT to take sides.He/She will help each member involved come to some conclusion/resolution.If either one or both can't come to some agreement,then this rule is being VIOLATED.The party that refuses to adapt,or whatever the mediator feels needs to be done,then that party will be put on suspension and quite possibly,asked to leave CYBA,depending on the severity. Posting flames,accusations,etc,on the servers,IRC,forums is already a violation of CYBA's respect rules.Termination from CYBA will be the result.CYBA has the desire to assist each of it's members no matter what amount of effort is needed.Don't ignore this.There is ZERO tolerance for not playing as a team and getting along as a team.

4) All members must show respect to outside players as well.See rule #2.It's not hard to bite your tongue and say,"It's not worth arguing over,lets agree to disagree and end it now." Help players when you can,remember you were a rookie at one time,have some patience.When in a clan match there is to be NO taunting,the only people who should be speaking are the two highest ranking members.Failure could cost us the match.

5) There is no cheating or using map exploits.This is a ZERO TOLERANCE rule.

6) You should listen and take the advice of any Officers that out rank you.Remember,Officers and Generals have been here a very long time.This usually will pertain to clan scrims and matches only.This clan is not a dictatorship,and no Officer should treat it as such.BEGGING,COMPLAINING,and THREATENING
for promotions will NOT be tolerated!

7) When a member reaches the rank of Officer,he/she may be entrusted with the PRIVILEGE of RCON or ADMIN rights to our server.RCON or ADMIN will not be given to any Officer.There may be an exception to this rule under special circumstances.Begging,complaining,and threatening for promotions
again here will not be tolerated.

8) All Officers who have RCON or ADMIN will only use the say command if there is a Officer that outranks him/her on the server.The highest ranking Officer on the server will do all banning,kicking, map changes,etc...Also there is no abuse of RCON or ADMIN such as kicking people for no reason, excessive map changes,spamming with RCON say,etc..

9) Your success in CYBA is determined by your attitude,dedication,playing skill,communication,and contributions to CYBA,as in web pages,skins,sigs,and maps.All of these things can lead to promotions or even demotions,If you are ever demoted for any reason,you may as well quit,because we really don't have any room for anyone who can't follow rules.Never ever threaten to leave or quit.We don't want to hear it.Be a man and JUST DO IT!

10) If a member has not been heard from for at least 1 month,that person is then put on the inactive list, after the second month,the member is removed from CYBA.If that member wishes to come back,he/she will start from the lowest rank and will have to work his way back up the ladder of achievement. cybertronarmy.com can be reached from any computer in the world,there is no reason why you can't stay in touch from time to time.

11) All members should do their part to prevent the abuse of RCON or ADMIN and to keep cheaters out of our servers.Post in the forums,incidents when RCON or ADMIN was abused,and to keep cheaters out please either find an Officer,or type status in console to find the cheaters ID.That way he may be banned at a latter date.

12) All members will be required to have and use IRC,and of course post on the forums.These are valuble tools to help keep track of this clan,and to also make sure all are involved and up to date on all current events in the world of CYBA.

13) All members are to wear their tags at all times.Proper name and the Tron suffix is a must while playing online at all times.That means (CYBA)yournamehereTron.This is your clan name,wear it with PRIDE.We are seeing several players online with completely different names and no tags,this is unacceptable for a member of CYBA.We are not talking about a little joke like someone switching to PacketlossTron for fun sometimes,so long as it's changed back there is no confusion. There is one exception and ONLY one exception,that is when playing in a scrim as a ringer with another clan.For example,you ring for Karma police if they can't get 5 for a scrim,but you want to look united as a clan scrim....then your name FOR THAT SCRIM ONLY can be listed as kp\yourname.cyba.


1) Double clanning-If you are caught double clanning you will be given 1 day to either drop all other clans or you will be dropped from CYBA.

2) Bad Mouthing-If you are caught bad mouthing CYBA or any CYBA members,a written apology will be required in forums.Continuing abuse will lead to your dismissal from CYBA.

3) Respect all Players-The penalties for this rule are the same as those for Bad Mouthing.

4) Cheating-Cheating has become more and more popular.If a CYBA member is caught using any cheat, he/she will not only be kicked from CYBA but they will be also banned from all CYBA servers.This is a ZERO tolerence rule.There will be no second chances.

5) Following Instructions-Again,CYBA is not a dictatorship.It's in the best interst of CYBA to work together as a TEAM while in scrims and matches.If you can't work as a TEAM,there is a strong chance of a demotion.Again,if this happens,you may as well quit.

6) Anyone who has been given RCON or ADMIN fails to keep the password or passwords secure,or passes them out to anyone not authorized to have them will lose their own privilegs.

7) Abuse of RCON or ADMIN-If you are caught abusing RCON or ADMIN you will lose your privileges for no less than 2 weeks,if your actions continue,you will be permanently stripped of RCON or ADMIN and demoted to an enlisted rank.This also applies to using ADMIN MOD as well.

8) If you cannot wear your tags while playing online,then I guess you don't really want to be in CYBA. Please quit,so we don't have to ask you to leave.


Any active member of CYBA may introduce any new player who wishes to join our ranks.The new prospect must comply with our rules including having ICQ and mIRC.There may be a trial period before the recruit will be interviewed.All interviews will be done by Generals Only.

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in disciplinary action or removal from the clan.

Revised Feb 15/2006



The Cybertron Army is a Transformer based gaming clan.